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Discover the professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager, eco-designed and made in France by NatéoSanté

EOLIS Air Manager

The first intelligent air filtration system with HEPA virus filter

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Discover the Hygeolis, a professional air purifier designed for small spaces by NatéoSanté


The anti-odour innovation for small spaces

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NatéoSanté expertise

NatéoSanté is the French specialist in indoor air purification
Made in France professional air purifiers by NatéoSanté
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Patented technologies
  • Made in France
  • Eco-design
Explore the NatéoSanté approach

The right solution for every business

Highly versatile thanks to the efficiency of its medical grade HEPA anti-virus filter system, The NatéoSanté air purifier meets all professional needs, even in the most demanding environments.

They trust NatéoSanté technology

NatéoSanté relies on a strong network of partners and distributors around the world

A network of qualified distributors

Our network of distributors in France and abroad reflects our philosophy: expertise, geographical proximity and guaranteed performance. Trained in the latest technologies related to indoor air quality and NatéoSanté solutions, they will be able to advise you to best meet your needs.

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Topical articles

How to choose your professional air purifier?

The air quality market is booming. The range of products is growing as is the number of existing technologies is increasing. It is an extremely complex field to fathom and not all filtration devices are equal.

How to choose your professional air purifier?

Air quality: What affects our health?

We need air to live. We breathe an average of 15,000 litres of air every single day. The quality of the air we breathe can affect our health. In fact, the European Commission estimates that the average life expectancy in Europe could be one to two years lower in regions with the highest levels of pollution.

NatéoSanté vous aide à améliorer la qualité de l'air intérieur de vos locaux au quotidien

NatéoSanté, winner of France Relance!

The project to build a production site in Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons, where NatéoSanté has been headquartered since 2015, has been selected by the French Government and the Pays de la Loire Regional Council. It will receive financial support from the «Fonds d’accélération des investissements industriels dans les territoires».


NatéoSanté winner of the France relance programme supported by the French government
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